Index Poker came online in 2004 as a directory. This was a time when human managed search indexes had relevancy. Google themselves had a directory until it closed July 20, 2011. The internet has now matured. Google delivers relevant results on automation. There is social media available to research and discuss products. Our directory lived well past its need. We nuked it on March 12, 2019. We thank all the poker webmasters who stuck with us over the years for their support.

Where is Index Poker Management

Our long time chief editor, known in the industry as Prop, now works in sports betting. He moderates the sports betting sub-forum of the world’s largest gambling forum 2+2. He also operates Sports Betting Sites which serves as an industry watchdog.

Aidan, known online as AJW, is from Alberta, Canada. When not travelling South America, he works there as a real estate agent. He is still a talented poker player able to crush live games at his local casinos. He has expressed some interest in using the IndexPoker.com domain. This might be to start some other type of poker portal.

Index Poker Future Plans

Now are unsure what will come of this website. It is possible in the future we build another type of information website here. For now, we will wait for the domain to become clean. There are thousands of indexpoker.com URLs listed in Google. These all redirect to this webpage.

Understand, we were never the type of website that recommended online poker rooms. If you found this page looking for a recommendation, PokerStars.com is where it now all is. This is unless you live in the United States. PokerStars does not service most of the US. You should first check if your state has legal poker. If they do not then www.bovada.lv is a good place to play.

I should also state, we are willing to entertain offers. If you have an idea for partnerships or would like to buy our domain please get in touch with Prop. He is PropPlayer on 2+2 and Prop on the PAL affiliate forum. I can’t guarantee there will be an interest, but we will entertain offers.